How to Get Rid of Bees Without Killing Them? Visual Guide

Although bees are crucial to the planet their presence can pose a danger because of their potential to sting people. From time to time there may be a need to get rid of bees, but in a way that will not harm either you or the bees.

To get rid of bees without killing them you can use repellants with scents that bees hate. You can even use compounds that affect the bees but do not kill them, hence forcing them to leave to avoid coming into contact with these compounds.

This guide will help you know how to get rid of bees quickly and easily without killing them. Especially if they invade your home.

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What Are The Best Ways For Getting Rid Of Bees Quickly?

When getting rid of bees, the top priority is not just to avoid getting stung but also to keep the bees alive.

When you think of the millions of flowers that bees pollinate and the awesome food they provide in form of honey to mammals and humans, you should be considerate of the mode you use, pick one that will not lead to their death.

Here are effective ways you can use to get rid of bees.

  1. Use of bee spray

Bee sprays are designed in a way that makes them very effective against bees. The idea behind the design of bee sprays is to affect the bees’ nervous system via strong chemicals.

Bees would not want that to happen to them, therefore, the slightest scent of bee spray the bees will take the earliest exit and leave you in peace. But you must use these sprays with caution keeping in mind that they can be toxic to both humans and pets if ingested.

One of the best bee sprays is Spectracide HG-95715. It works almost instantly. To use, stand 15 feet away from the hive and begin to spray. If any bee comes in with this chemical it will be instantly affected. Apply at night when the majority of the bees are in the hive so that you won’t have to spray in different directions. Make sure you are near their territory, otherwise without contact the spray will not work. Also the area from which you are applying should have proper ventilation and should be outside to avoid accidental inhalation.

  1. Using powder dust

You can opt to use powder dust to get rid of bees. It works as an insecticide and has active ingredients similar to the spray-on that it is in powder form.

The bees are aware of its danger to their life and will keep off.

You should also be careful with it. Avoid your skin coming into contact with your skin. The best time to apply the powder is also at night. Within a couple of hours it will have gotten rid of all the bees.

Apply in cracks, crevices and openings that the bees enter and live their hive.

  1. Installing an electric bug zapper

It is a much better option for it is non-toxic to humans. It uses ultraviolet rays to attract insects. As soon as the bees or flies come into contact with the grid, they will be electrocuted instantly and fall on the ground at the bottom of the zapper where you can collect them for disposal.

Pick one that consumes minimal electricity to save on cost. Place it near the location of bees, if necessary use an extension cord to connect it to a source of power.

  1. Use an ultrasonic repellant

Bees have no ears, they use sensors on their antenna and legs to pick up signals and to communicate with one another.

The ultrasonic repellant uses this concept against the bees. It emits bionic, magnetic and electromagnetic waves, which are undetectable by the human ear making it very efficient when there is a need to use non-obtrusive means.

Maintain a few meters radius within the beehive and a few feet off the ground, but ensure there is no barrier between the device and the bees because the signals do not permeate through walls or doors.

  1. Include bee repelling plants in your home garden

Just like some bees attract bees because of the nectar, some plants do the exact opposite. Although there are only a few, they are still there.

Examples of repellant plants to bees include cucumbers, neem, mint, cloves, eucalyptus, citronella and pennyroyal. Also flowering plants such as Red germaniums and Red marigold.

Some plants are exterminators, trapping the bees within their claws and digesting them.

Before you settle for a particular plant, confirm to know which one will do well in your area.

An orthodox way of getting rid of bees is to eliminate the plants that are attractive to them such as flowery plants.

  1. Set a bee trap

You can trap the bees by luring them into an area or container that they will find it almost impossible to leave.

You can use common materials found at home or easy to buy from the nearest store. The concept is to have a narrow entry that leads to a large space and place an attractive and sugary solution inside the space. The bees will be attracted by the scent and once they enter they find it hard to exit becoming trapped.

The simplest design for such a trap is the use of a 2-liter bottle cut in half at the section that is about 5 inches wide then invert the top half onto the lower half making a funnel kind of structure. Secure the two pieces together and place a sugary liquid at the bottom of the bottom half. You can use sugar or maple syrup.

The amount of liquid you place in the bottle will determine if they will drown or live to be released at a safe place far from your home.

  1. Water your yard frequently

Some bees like to make their home in the ground, the best way to get rid of such bees is to water your yard.

You will be notified of ground-nesting bees by small holes in the ground. Often these are solitary bees. Mostly a queen that nests in the ground for laying eggs.

The best places for nesting are usually dry soil because it can be burrowed easily. Wetting the soil will effectively make the ground inhabitable by these bees.

Also, if your ground has thick vegetation, the bees find it harder to burrow making your yard safe for your children or pets.

  1. Use soap and water

It is a slightly more dangerous option because the bees can turn aggressive and attack you.

Soapy water coats the bees and their hive hindering their ability to fly about and also restricts airflow into the hive. You can use laundry soap or dishwashing liquid to make your mixture, try to make it as thick or frothy as possible.

While standing at a safe distance, pour or spray the liquid on the hive. It is best to invest in a safety suit before venturing in doing this as the bees can attack you before you have time to run away.

  1. Calling the professionals

Among the entire method, this is the best and if you can afford to hire professionals then you should.

Most beekeepers would also be happy to help get rid of a swarm of bees in your property and adopt them into their own apiary. They have the expertise and the equipment to do this safely, you should definitely try them.

Unlike exterminators, beekeepers are better because they will keep the bees alive which is a good thing rather than killing them.

What Scent Keeps Bees Away?

Bees are naturally repelled by some scents. The following are among the most repellant scents to bees, and users can use them to get rid of bees.

  1. Cinnamon

It is a spice that is effective against bees. Its strong scent is a natural repellant against bees. As soon as bees detect the scent of cinnamon, they vacate and look for a new home.

Apply doses of cinnamon near where bees are continuously for several days and you will soon see the results. You can use this to get rid of the bees safely without killing them.

  1. Garlic

The pungent smell of garlic is annoying to bees and many other insects. You can make a solution of garlic and use it in a spray bottle to get rid of bees at home. Use boiled water and crushed garlic to make this effective solution. To make it more potent, you can add hot pepper and even dishwashing liquid.

Scientifically speaking, garlic is toxic to a bee larva and interferes with the movement of adult bees.

Spraying the mixture on flowers will effectively chase away the bees.

  1. Citronella candles

Lighting citronella candles release a repellant scent to bees. You can purchase them in most candle shops. They are loved by most people because of their effectiveness even against mosquitoes and wasps.

Leave the candle burning overnight near the hive. The best thing about it is that it is nontoxic to bees.

  1. Moth balls

They are basically insecticides made from naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene. It has the potential to kill the bees and they will run before it happens. But keep it away from humans and pets because it is also harmful to them. You can hang the mothballs on strings near your home or near the hive and you will be good to go.

  1. Vinegar

It is another nonchemical bee repellant and does not kill the bees. Bees keep away from it because it affects their respiratory system and can cause them to suffocate.

Why Should You Get Rid Of Bees

Often bees will invade a person’s home, they may be there during the process of looking for a new home in what is commonly referred to as swarming behavior. If after a few days the bees still haven’t relocated, then that is time to find ways to get rid of them safely.

Here are good reasons for getting rid of bees from your home.

  • If you or a member of your household is allergic to bees.

Not all people react the same way to bees or their stings. Some are more allergic than others.

When you discover there is one among your family or friends that usually has severe reactions to bee stings, that is sufficient justification for getting rid of the bees.

It is wise to get rid of bees to avoid an ugly incident happening that will affect those you care about. Doing so may actually save their life in the long run.

  • To avoid being stung

Bee stings are not pretty, they hurt a lot. Some bee stings hurt more than others and the presence of a bee near you signifies the potential of getting stung.

The location of the bee nest also matters, for instance bees nesting in the ground can sting your children or pets many times.

It is best to eliminate that probability of getting stung altogether by getting rid of the bees.

  • Angry bees

Bees under normal circumstances are already enough of a danger, how much more when they are angry.

Sometimes bees can be pissed off for whatever reasons, such as when a colony has lost its queen or if its honey reserves have been robbed or even if there is a shortage of forage. Even simple things like hot weather can make bees angry for no reason.

When you realize the bees near you are very aggressive, the best thing is to get rid of them quickly before they kill someone.


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