About OneHoneyBee


One Honeybee is a website that teaches people about bees, beehives and honey. We answer specific questions, we show you how to treat your bees or we just saturate your curiosity.

Our goal is to spread awareness of the importance of honeybees, to fill our readers with the knowledge and to preserve the honeybee. As without it, all mankind will perish.

– Jan

Our Story

One Honey Bee was created in 2020. That was shortly after my grandpa and I managed our first hive on our city balcony. Eventually, the neighbors weren`t very happy about so many bees flying around and we had to gift the hive to a friend of ours who was a beekeeper. However, a couple of months of beekeeping experience made me realize how important and interesting beekeeping actually is.

So here I am trying to answer all kinds of bee-related questions and maybe even motivate someone to get his own beehives and take care of those precious creatures. I hope my project succeeds and reaches many curious people.